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Embracing Change

The Aquarian Age

At this time the 21st Century is establishing fresh and astonishing codes for exploration and change in the new Aquarian Age. This is a very stimulating period to be alive and yet, with so much hope for evolution and enlightenment humankind seems positively overwhelmed.

Are we allowing ourselves to be cheated out of these extraordinary possibilities brought forward by this great change? Many people feel its safer to ignore the potential that's being made available and are fighting to remain locked in the old ways of doing things. It seems that to many of us the past seems much safer than making way for change. The old saying "The streets of hell are familiar" has a tempting ring of plausibility to it. We can all see that people all over the world want things to stay the same. In the middle East as well as other parts of the world, even in the USA, people haven't changed very much. Even in war torn countries where there is hope for freedom many people fight to hang on to the familiarity of bondage no matter how bad it was. Its easy to see why, just the change that daily living brings is often difficult and exhausting.

However this battle to stop the changes of the new period are hopeless. The sign of Aquarius rules evolutionary changes and our world will shift now as it did approximately 2000 years ago when the age of Aries ended (Biblical period) and the age of Pisces (age of religions) came into being. Look up the history of that period; it was very turbulent with the fall of Rome and Jerusalem. The loss of invaluable information threw us into the dark age and it took centuries to recover the information that was lost; if we ever have. I don't think we have to go backward this time. This is a time when many great souls are here with the tools to transform the shock of change into productivity.

The precessional shift of the constellations which makes a complete cycle every 26,000 years is based on the fact that due to a wobble of the earth around its own polar axis, the Sun seems to gradually moves backward through the constellations that make up the zodiac. The exact date of transition is impossible to know but you can see the influences are from both Pisces and Aquarius at this time. The great vision and exploration of the Pisces Age is combined with the scientific advancements that makes everyone on earth aware of their fellow man. This convergence signals the end of history as we have known it. This is the beginning of an era in which we must be responsible for conscious participation in this evolutionary time or what we have here on earth will be destroyed.

Our greatest task will be to integrate the needs of the individual with the group and the global mind. The answer lies in embracing the changes that are necessary instead of holding on to old mind sets out of fear. It takes great courage and patience for humankind to let go of the past and try new solutions. Our greatest hope lies in the new generations as they come into accountability. Many great souls are being born now at the end of the Twentieth Century and the beginning of the 21st Century that have the qualities necessary to make these great changes. The universe with timeless wisdom always sends what is needed to heal life situations. You must ask yourself what you have to offer that will aid this transition.

Aquarius, the ruler of the new age is the sign of originality and humanitarianism. Aquarius as an air sign that demands astute mental analysis and supports abstract thinking. This new age will be a time of networking, scientific development and global integration. There will be no secrets. We must develop the courage to face the facts that are presented to us. If there are mistakes made as there surely will be, we must learn to set it right without getting stuck in blame and move on.

Look at the internet an Aquarian invention with all the possibilities available to anyone who takes the time to retrieve it. With all this available information the ability to be ethical is absolutely necessary and must be a top priority. Aquarius is a sign that promotes ethical thinking yet it also is a sign that lacks emotion expression. Since humans are primarily emotional beings this presents many problems to be resolved. We must adjust our thinking to include compassion. The great quote from the Pisces Age "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you", must be reassessed globally. Old mind sets that promotes separatism and emotional isolation will be broken down in the next 2000 years.

Right now we have conflict and war all over the world and it seems that there is no resolution possible. The age old ploys of fault finding and extremism are alive and well and self serving is rampant. With the news so available at every turn we are bombarded by too much information. It hard to know what is truth, we are free to pick out what we want to believe and there is no satisfaction in that approach. What good does it do us to be able to see all these conflicts and feel that we are disconnected to the solution? The truth is that we are connected to the solution, no matter how abstract it seems. The solution will come when we each and everyone finally understand that whatever happens to one of us happens to us all. The past is a valuable source of information but the hope for solution lies in bringing the future into the present. This is what we are learning now.

Great teachers have always talked about living in the present but the group consciousness hasn't been able to understand what that meant. Between every difference of opinion there is a point of perfect balance that provides the hope of resolution. This comes about when you truly care about others and are not trying to force your will on them. This process of mediation must be taught in our schools and broadcast into world media. The tendency to always find fault with no solution in mind except being right is a downward spiral that keeps the opposing points in extreme animosity and polarization. You can not be in the present if you are in conflict either within yourself or with someone else.

The world time continuum is speeding up. Our personal vibration is increasing and the only way to find a peaceful state is to learn how to live in the true present. This is a place within the mind beyond the ego and the subconscious that is connected to all aspects of yourself and others. It is the greatest part of all of us, where we are connected in universal wisdom. As we learn to develop whole brained consciousness this important truth will be more assessable. The Aquarian Age will develop this new way of thinking. It may take a long time but we as humans have the next 2,000 years to find the solution.