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Planetary Positions

Mars through Pluto

Since the beginning of the Nineties with the conjunction of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn the world has gone into a new era. It is a time of big business, scientific advancements and unbelievable creativity. The high technology of this period is mind boggling. We are able to contact and communicate with people anywhere on earth as if they are standing right next to us. Events seem to be speeding by. We are all going through our lives at breakneck speed. The television as well as movies are so fast paced its a challenge to enjoy them, especially with so many electrical special effects. This exciting yet drastic metamorphosis can be accounted for by the planet Uranus's transits through the last three signs of the zodiac, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. These are universal or global signs that rule your connection with the world outside your home. Capricorn rules the world of business, Aquarius the brotherhood of man and Pisces the soul.

The global communications field leapt into the public market in April of 1995. As Uranus moved into Aquarius the world was given access to the internet which had been developed over the last 40 years. It just so happened many global companies opened their services to the public at that time.

The last time Uranus transited Aquarius was back in 1912. This too was a time of great transition with World Wars I and a new world view politically. In World War II with Uranus in Gemini this view of developing communication world wide was re-enforced. We can only imagine what will happen when Uranus finishes another 84 year cycle and goes back into Aquarius. This could be the "Beam me up Scottie" period.

With the advent of the internet and other very advanced electronic systems the world is connected into a global community. This is an exciting time as well as alarming. We're very possible in over our heads. Global connections instigate a mammoth global economy which is pretty shaky at this time. I remember when a Million dollars was a lot of money now they give it away on TV. Billions are acceptable now are we going for Trillions?

The events that will occur in this period can be just as positive as negative yet even the favorable events bring awesome change in your life such as a move, change of career, or relationship challenges. Our lives are being affected on levels we can only guess at. It will take years to comprehend how we are at risk and also how to make use of the incredible energy and information made available to each and everyone at this time.

In past ages we thought we knew what was right and wrong. That time is over and rightly so; the complexities that are forced on us now will force humankind to develop its capacity to understand the subtle implications that have always been there for us to see. We are being tested in our ability to respect ourselves and others and make changes that will work long range. This is hard for humankind who being basically self involved likes to make short turn decisions, wants immediate satisfaction and doesn't understand their responsibilities to people outside their home and neighborhood. For sure we will be on the cutting edge of change for rest of our lives and humanity will move toward a higher dimension of life itself for the next two thousand years. The most direct path to our survival and fulfillment is to develop and communicate an idea system that guides us toward ethical evolution.

The planets constantly rearrange themselves into different patterns. Saturn may be back in Cancer now like it was 30 years ago but it wasn't with Jupiter in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. There is always a totally new combination of symbols to interpret. Its somewhat daunting that we never have a chance to go back and redo our reaction. We're always on the cutting edge whether we want to be or not. We must know what our basic needs and our personal goals are to live productively. From this more conscious attitude it is possible to go into each day with hope of learning to live on the cutting edge, trusting we can find the solutions we seek; but it will take time.

It's very reassuring that the orbits of planets are predictable. Their movements are recorded in books and you can see what sign and degree Uranus ( as well as all the planets) will be in a hundred years from now. Since March of 2003 Uranus has been in Pisces with economic crisis escalating and wars of terrorism being waged all over the world. With the terrorist crisis of September 11, 2001, Uranus, the planet of surprises, has challenged us with emergencies we didn't expect that require solutions we are not prepared for. However the creativity of these great changes! helps us to reevaluate current problems and gives us an incredible chance to broaden our personal views.

Mars in Pisces

Mars traditionally is considered a propitious planet yet this isn't really true. He represents dynamic potentiality and when directed properly he makes life worth living. He is the planet of passion, The energy you need to fight for what you want comes from Mars. The negative side often manifests itself when there is poor self esteem and no positive outlets in your life. Mars rules the ego needs that motivate you into action. You can have no individuality without him. A well aspected Mars if pro-active although it could make you domineering. A weak or negative Mars pattern manifests behavior that is pugnacious, disagreeable, or argumentative that sets you up for hardship.

Mars circles the zodiac every two years, however he stays in one sign for six months of that cycle. Right now Mars is in Pisces from April through October in 2003 conjuncting Uranus in Pisces forming a dangerous combo of trauma and conflict. There is no other aspect more conducive than this one to volatile upsets, rash responses and dangerous accidents. In this period when this seems the norm in the world it even could get worse. Mars and Uranus conjunctions rarely happen for this long so look out. Many things happen without warning so a positive use of your Mars energy is necessary. Wherever Mars is in your chart at this time you will experience the shock of sudden changes, accidents even violence. Mars is in his perihelion which means he is closer to earth than he has been in thousands of years and joined with Uranus makes this a particularly lethal period. He moves into Aries in October and reestablishes his normal path for 18 months then he will make a 6 month stay in Taurus sans Uranus (still creating havoc with love and money) from August 2005 until February 2006..

There are many constructive ways to manage Mars volatile periods. Exercise helps as well as learning how to express your anger as it surfaces instead of holding it in then exploding. If you suppress your feelings too long they come out when you least expect it and usually its a disaster.

Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter is considered to be the planet of good luck. When he is in your sign or in good aspect to your personal planets he is enlarging an opportunity that is in your best interest. But if you don't watch out he can make you fat especially if he's aspecting your personal planets. By enlarging your conscious awareness he allows you to see a bigger picture and he gives you the gumption to go for it. Jupiter aspects will pass you by if you don't take advantage of them. No matter how bad the other aspects are in your chart Jupiter is giving you a leg up that will help you get what you want. Saturn will find you no matter where you are and teach you a lesson but you have to reach out to the benefits of Jupiter.

I love Jupiter and look forward to the great surge of positive energy that appears whenever he is around. If you don't know how to enjoy life Jupiter can pass you by. Jupiter is the grace that is your natural birthright and you must allow his benefic nature to give you the gift you deserve. You may see an increase of long distant travel, buying and selling of property, financial growth and investment opportunities. He also brings in loved ones, a mate or children when he is in the right place. Knowing what you need and want in any given situation and most of all a positive attitude helps Jupiter bring it to you.

Right now Jupiter is in Virgo until September 2004. Jupiter will broaden your perspective at this time with sharp perception and intellect. Since Virgo is the sign of detailed work he opens your awareness fine tuning the new possibilities that are showing up at every turn. Virgo is the sign of work and health as well as good taste in products and food. There will be advances in health products and preventative methods that promote health and well being. Many new ways to prepare food efficiently will be on the market place and more and more people will find diets that really work. Mainstream will get on a health streak. Time magazine just had an issue on health benefits of Meditation. Who would have thought it?

Virgo rules fashion. With Jupiter in the fashion sign you will find a trend for conservative well made clothes to be in vogue. Virgo rules Paris, Milano, and Los Angeles, fashion cities where clothes are made to perfection. With Jupiter in Virgo the fashion business is looking up for a change.

The kids born now will be lucky, very intelligent with a great visionary talents, at the same time they will be great organizers and naturally frugal.

Saturn in Cancer

Saturn stays in each sign for 2 1/2 years. Although Saturn is often thought to be unpleasant, it restricts you from the things you want, yet it isn't all bad. Wherever Saturn is transiting your natal chart indicates the part of your life that is being examined and tested at the time. I call Saturn the planet of trut h he makes you examine your motives. He tests the way you program your universe at the deepest most fundamental way. Like clockwork every 7 years Saturn steps up to the plate and withdraws your illusions. He gets you down to bare bones and forces a realistic approach. I have found after a Saturn transit my life gets much better. The lessons learned open up new power for my benefit. Saturn is a reminder that we live on earth and must follow earth ways.

Saturn is in Cancer for the next 2 years. As a sign of home and family Cancer rules real estate. Matters pertaining to property will be of great interest all over the world especially in the United States with the stock market still down. The effects of this transit rely greatly on what part of the world you live in. When Saturn moves out of Cancer in 2005 it goes into Leo and starts another economic high that will peak in 02010.

The United States is ruled by Cancer as is President George Bush. It is a time of great pressure on the US and the President as can be seen by watching the news. When President Bush was elected he had Jupiter on his Sun now he has Saturn. Jupiter brought him luck now he will have to produce his own. When Saturn is affecting your personal planets he feels like carrying a sack of bricks. With the added pressure of facing cold hard facts you are forced look at your life more realistically and make far reaching decisions without the support you need. Problems that have been there all along are more complex and must be solved.

Saturn really pressures you to hold on to your truth and win under pressure. The losses that Saturn brings are of things that are no longer necessary for you or such a burden you can't hold on to them. If you resist Saturn he can make it pretty hard on you. He is the biggest teacher in the zodiac and his aspects must be solved with rational thinking not emotion. Saturn is the symbol of a cross over a glyph meaning reality over emotion. Humans beings naturally so emotional find Saturn very hard. I admonish you to reevaluate Saturn. He is ultimately wisdom that comes from experience.

Uranus in Pisces

Uranus is difficult to understand. He basically rules change. This change comes through confrontation between yourself and the world. This confrontation or pressure of the unexpected keeps you fresh and alert but its also scary in that you can't control the outcome. Uranus creates chaos out of which we must formulate new ideas. He is not malefic in a traditional sense, except to the extent you are unwilling to accept newness and change into your life. During the transits of Uranus to your natal chart, you will experience events that are unusual, upsetting, sudden and unexpected. Its very hard to give precise delineation concerning Uranus just be prepared to expect the unexpected. Uranus always throws us a curve and brings in something unpredictable.

With Uranus in Pisces the meanings gets even more elusive and subtle. Pisces rules the part of the subconscious mind that suppresses the experiences your conscious mind finds difficult to deal with as it touches a hidden secret core. In this transit you are dealing with subtle influences that you will find hard to think through. Pisces rules the principle of dissolving. That is why Pisces is a selfless sign. As global citizens of the world we will find that our needs and desires are identical with other people. There really are no boundaries between souls. This doesn't mean however than you don't have rights to stand up for what you believe but your needs don't supersede others.

When the electrical outages hit the east coast of the US in August 2003 it was obvious that we have an outdated electrical grid that needs reworking. And all along we are trying to help third world countries. At that time the planet Mars was also in Pisces conjuncting Uranus. With the combination making explosive vibrations there may be tragic accidents even terrorist attacks especially until the end of October 2003 so expect more surprises nationally as well as personally. This aspect is in everyone's chart so be careful and try not to take unreasonable risks.

Uranus in Pisces will change the world view on religion. Science is the new religion in the Aquarian age and with this new energy that is coming in science will be elevated to new levels of information that include ethical choices. The psychic world will be of great interest to larger groups of people and many visionary people will be born at this time. It is possible that astrology will be more accepted in this period and elevated to its high position it held in past ages.

When Mars and Uranus come together you have chaos. This disorder can be very productive; it helps to release energy that is stagnant. In this erratic period be careful of accidents both physically and emotionally.

Neptune in Aquarius

The planet Neptune rules illusion and delusion. Its hard to translate Neptune because it works in transpersonal ways. When I first studied. Astrology I couldn't read Neptune aspects for years. It took a lot of experience before I could see the subtle patterns of Neptune more clearly. Neptune dissolves whatever Saturn builds; your sense of duty and responsibility, everything that is clear, definite and predictable. Neptune's true purpose is to dissolve the ego. This can be mind expanding and exhilarating but you also may feel lost confused and defeated. Even in good aspects from Neptune you must wait until its over to know if what you're feeling is right. Neptune rules deception and we human being are very good at deluding ourselves. Drugs and alcohol are tools of self deception, so are work, another person, anything that keeps you so obsessed you can't face the pertinent facts right in front of you.

Right now Neptune is in Aquarius the sign of ideals. Since Aquarius is also the sign of the humanitarianism you will find many people attracted to movements that don't work in the real world. Some of the confusion of the last year can be understood better if you realize that people on both sides of disagreements are self and group deluded. Its hard to come to resolution when the truth is so obscure and communication falls into simplistic arguments of whose right or wrong.

The internet and other electronic devices which are ruled by Aquarius will be bombarded with viruses and other confusing issues until 2012 when Neptune will leave Aquarius and go into Pisces. All things ruled by Aquarius are under Neptune's vague control for a long time. We are forced to be aware of delusional ego issues not only in our own lives but other peoples in the world. It makes you want to throw your hands up and give up. The planets are trying to develop our consciousness not destroy us so there are solutions. Under the illusional vibrations of the times we are forced to learn to live in truth.

Spirituality is ruled by Neptune. As we go into a new age our beliefs will evolve into true religious conversion. Aquarius rules science and technology. Conscious evolution calls upon scientists and technologists as well as theologians to help understand the laws and recurring patterns in the evolutionary process. We must design our evolutionary agenda, the ethical evolution of ourselves toward universal life, the next turn in the evolutionary spiral. The over-individualism of the past 100 years must be moved into separateness yes, yet deeper participation in interconnectedness of the holistic.

Pluto in Sagittarius

Pluto is a planet that destroys and renovates. It is a sign of true transformation down to the cellular level. He was discovered in 1935 the same year atomic energy was discovered. Up until that time there were few opportunities for humans to be transformed. Of course a few people have always been on the cutting edge but most people were concerned with simple life patterns and survival.

After Pluto was discovered and the World Wars created Global consciousness, people became more aware of the possibilities of personal transformation. Plutoniam people are those who seek to change, transform and take control of everything around them, The area where Pluto falls in your chart show the area of life where you must face the most radical change. Where it is by transit points out the area of life where you have radical and life changing events.

It is important to recognize the inevitability of Plutonian change, which is built into the very structure of things and cannot be prevented. If you fight the natural progression of the next stage of evolution the changes come about disastrously.

Pluto takes 250 years to go around a chart. He moves 2 or 3 degrees a year consequently his good aspects are fabulous and the bad aspects are often devastating. Right now he is in Sagittarius the sign of religion and foreign countries. Your overall view of the world around you is changing yet there is no reason to fear this transit. It is a maturing experience like the one 250 years ago was in the middle of the 18th Century.

Pluto leaves Sagittarius and goes into Capricorn in 2009. This is a time of transformation in religious and spiritual concepts but remember Pluto tends to produce obsessions. Look at the world now with all the fundamentalists of every religion creating havoc. As long as Pluto is in Sag you will have the extremes at play. Simply put, you will find global transformation difficult and almost impossible to influence or control.