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Your Greatest Gift and Challenge

In her readings, Diane reveals your greatest gift in this life - as well as your major challenge, also known as your "fated" or "karmic" lesson.

Questions often arise about the role of "fate" in our lives. In a reading with Diane, you will learn that fated lessons are your best teacher and the key to your transformation. With more awareness of the patterns that influence you, you can make the changes that most impact your life. These changes, combined with a positive attitude and trust in the universe, will keep you on path to greater happiness and success.

By understanding both your gift and your challenge, you can grow from the events of your life, see new solutions to old problems, and learn to use your positive aspects to better prepare for the future. Above all, you will discover that there is a plan in everything - and that infinite possibilities and avenues are open and available to you.

Types of Readings

One hour reading: A one hour session is recommended for your first reading. This allows you and Diane to develop the dialogue needed for you to understand and learn to use your reading effectively. One hour readings can include information regarding other individuals in your life, such as your family, significant other, business partners, friends, etc.

Half hour reading: Half hour readings are most appropriate for special questions or key decisions. Diane can include some information concerning your greatest gift and challenge.

Half hour reading about children: Readings for children provide character analyses that parents find extremely valuable. These readings can also be used to determine optimal times for pregnancy.

Astrocartography reading: This specialized reading provides insight and helps you find the best location to live or work, based on your chart.

Preparing for a Reading

Most readings with Diane are conducted via phone. Sessions are audio taped and sent to you, so you can use the information long after your reading is complete. The insights revealed in your reading often become more clear and meaningful to you over time.

To prepare for a reading, you simply need to provide the time, date and location of your birth. Diane will use this information to construct your astrological chart. It is also helpful for you to consider the specific issues or aspects of your life that you would like explore.

Schedule a Reading with Diane

To schedule a reading, call 214-780-0903 or email Diane.